Serving Your Mold Care Needs Since 1953

REXCO is the leading North American manufacturer of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) parting film-forming barrier solutions for thermoset composites. PVA parting films are solvent resistant yet water soluble and include traditional alcohol containing solutions for fast drying and new environmentally friendly, non-hazardous PVA films based on sustainable technology.

REXCO’s product line includes PARTALL®, MARBALEASE®, and FORMULA FIVE® brand mold release agents including paste wax mold releases, PVA parting films, fiberglass buffing compounds, semi-permanent mold releases, and mold sealing and cleaning products. REXCO has been a reliable partner to thermoset composites manufacturers and accessory distributors by supplying simple, effective and economical mold release agents for over sixty years.

  • Makers of the original green wax, PARTALL® Paste #2
  • PARTALL® Hi-Temp Mold Release Wax specified for use with epoxy and phenolic resins
  • PARTALL® Coverall Film low-VOC, non-hazardous, high solids PVA

REXCO mold release products are used in FRP, GRP, aerospace, bath ware, cast polymer, fiberglass, infrastructure, marine, grates, pipes/tanks, polymer concrete (polycrete/GRC), recreational products, sanitary and transportation sectors.

  • FORMULA FIVE® Clean ‘N Glaze buffing compound for cleaning, glazing and routine maintenance of fiberglass molds, final polish of gel coat and to restore shine to oxidized gelcoat surfaces (Click here for details).
  • FORMULA FIVE® Mold Cleaner, FORMULA FIVE® Wax Stripper, and FORMULA FIVE® Mold Stripper are effective mold cleaners for routine mold maintenance and for transitioning molds from traditional wax and silicone mold release systems to semi-permanent mold release agent systems.

REXCO products are available through better distributors in over forty countries.For PARTALL®, MARBALEASE®, and FORMULA FIVE® mold release samples, additional product information, or the name of a distributor please contact us (click here).