About Rexco


REXCO has been a trusted partner to the composites industry for over fifty years as a manufacturer of simple, effective and economical mold release waxes, buffing compounds and parting films. REXCO products offer peace of mind to the fiberglass, cultured marble, cast polymer and polymer concrete products manufacturer via tried and true brand names PARTALLĀ®, MARBALEASEĀ®, and FORMULA FIVEĀ®.

REXCO was founded in Southern California in 1953 and continues to maintain a strong presence on the West Coast. Increased production demands led to the establishment of an East Coast location in Georgia in 1979 that has since become our primary manufacturing facility. From our origins as a small regional operation, REXCO has matured along with the fiberglass industry to become a supplier of mold release products throughout the United States and Canada with export sales in over forty countries worldwide.

Now in its third generation as a family-owned company, REXCO remains committed to its original goals: to produce quality mold release products at a reasonable price while achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

If you have already tried our mold release products we would like to thank you and let you know that we welcome your comments and suggestions. If you have not tried our mold release products please feel free to explore our website and contact us if you have any questions.